Manual Testing

Manual Testing with API Testing and Database Testing

Manual Testing is a type of software testing in which test cases are executed manually without using any automated tools. Manual Testing course in Digit Institute helps the learners gain proper knowledge to identify the bugs, and issues and ensure the correct behaviour of applications.

The Manual Testing course in Digit Institute is beginner-friendly and easy to learn from a beginner level, no prior/programming knowledge is required. The course involves the latest techniques needed for testing an application or website, to detect the issues which help the learners to deliver the project without any errors/flaws to the clients.

Real-time experts for Manual Testing at Digit Institute help the learners to know different software testing concepts and will make experts in defect management, configuration management, risk management, and many more. The experts will make learners understand how to write test plans and execute cases.

The live examples, real-time projects, and assignments of Real-time trainers for manual testing help learners learn about real-world problems and how to tackle them. Real-time experts will conduct mock tests and mock interviews will which helps you to realize your potential and work efficiently. This course is for anyone who wants to upskill or desires to begin their journey in the successful field of software testing

In this Manual Testing course learners will learn about different types of applications, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), principles of testing, types of testing and many more.

API Testing: In API Testing learners will learn about API testing basics and differences between API and Web services. HTTP methods and how to use them in API testing

Database Testing: In Database Testing or DB testing will explain SQL and Database Functional Testing

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Can’t find a batch you were looking for?

Low Student -Teacher Ratio

A limited number of learners in a batch helps the trainer to spend and engage with learners and track them throughout their journey 


Low Student -Teacher Ratio

A limited number of learners in a batch helps the trainer to spend and engage with learners and track them throughout their journey 


Real-time Experts

Real-time experts are the ones who work in different companies and monitor your performance throughout your learning and help you with the software required & make you ready for the corporate world through their industry experiences


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