DevOps Training

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery wit high software quality. Digit Institute DevOps course gives learners the ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

Azure DevOps course in Digit Institute provides you to the essential knowledge on DevOps core concepts. Course curriculum includes high-level content with concepts of continuous integration, continuous delivery and Continuous Deployment.

Real-time experts for DevOps at Digit Institute provide expert level subject knowledge and up-to-date techniques used in real-world. They help to get an overview of different DevOps tools, understand the benefits of DevOps over other software development processes.

The live examples, real-time projects, and assignments of Real-time trainers for DevOps help learners learn about real-world problems and how to tackle them. Real-time experts will conduct mock tests and mock interviews will which helps you to realize your potential and work efficiently. This course is for anyone who wants to upskill or desires to begin their journey in the successful field of software testing

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Classroom Training

Corporate Training

Learning Objective: In this Tableau eLearning module, Get a brief idea on Data Visualization and Tableau Prep Builder tool. Topics: Data Visualization Business Intelligence tools Introduction to Tableau Tableau Architecture Tableau Server Architecture VizQL Introduction to Tableau Prep Tableau Prep Builder User Interface Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool Hands-On: Build a simple data flow using Tableau Prep Builder tool Group and Replace feature using Tableau Prep Builder tool Pivoting data using Tableau Prep Builder tool Aggregate data using Tableau Prep Builder tool Perform Unions and Joins using Tableau Prep Builder tool Get detailed course syllabus in your inbox

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Low Student -Teacher Ratio

A limited number of learners in a batch helps the trainer to spend and engage with learners and track them throughout their journey 

Real-time Experts

Real-time experts are the ones who work in different companies and monitor your performance throughout your learning and help you with the software required & make you ready for the corporate world through their industry experiences


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